Neha and Bruno

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Neha & Bruno
Venue: Penha Longa 5* Resort
Date: 3rd and 4th June 2016

This gorgeous couple choose Penha Longa to host their Indian Wedding in Portugal.

Neha and Bruno brought their families from England, France, India and other countries to Sintra for an amazing weekend! The combination of the Hindu and European traditions made the mood for these 3 days of event.

On Friday, it was the catholic wedding ceremony in the beautiful church of Penha Longa followed by the Mendhi & Sangeet party in the cloisters and gardens of this stunning venue.

The day after, it was the day of the Hindu wedding! The Barat and the Indian ceremony was in the unique Nuncio Garden, a secluded location in Penha Longa, that was in the old times a meditation area. Perfect mood for such special moment!

This celebration finished with an European reception with the exclusive flavours of Passage to India, one of the best indian caterers in Portugal.